The advantages of Private Pension System

There are many strong benefits of our private pension system...

  • Retirement is deserved at the age of 56, after stay in the system at least 10 years.
  • Participants have the right to make use of their contribution payment and savings with the funds they wish and to change the combination of funds they determined six times a year at the most.
  • The funds are managed by professional fund managers
  • The system is reliable and safe; participants may track their savings whenever they want.
  • The system is monitored constantly and at all levels by the government and the Company.
  • Participants can change their risks by shifting between the same company's retirement plans, four times a year.
  • It is possible that the more contribution payment is the more income participants earn during retirement.
  • Participant can suspend payment of contribution.
  • Participant has the right to leave the system before deserving retirement.
  • The sooner participants join the system, the more the time period savings increase in value will be. Therefore, the income to be earned during retirement is expected to be higher.
  • Participants shall stay at least 2 years with the company by the date of effective date. A contract, which heas been issued as transfer from another company, may only be the subject of another transfer after staying with the respective company at least for 1 year. The transfer shall be performed as to cover all of the accumulations.
  • Participant who is permanently disabled may draw all his/her savings from the system and leave the system having deserved retirement.


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